In today’s digital landscape of advertising, one of the major goals for marketing strategies is increasing brand awareness and generating brand exposure, amongst other goals such as conversion rates and increasing website traffic. And with time people have figured out that social media is by far one of the best places to ensure great success with regard to this aspect.

The next revelation is that, the strategy of influencer marketing on social media platforms has shown to improve results at an astounding rate. For those of you who are wondering what influencer marketing means, it is the form of marketing that focuses on influential people related to your brand, in order to promote your brand, rather than the overall target audience in general, so that these influential people can in turn increase the awareness of your brand amongst the target audience in an indirect manner. Because these individuals tend to have an influence over the target population/potential customers of your brand, and this an indirect manner of approaching them, making them aware that you brand exists in the market.

This form of marketing if done right can give you unimaginable results. Because you tend to build a community of loyal customers and its always going to be a unique approach. But on the other hand, if not executed well, it can end up simply being a waste of time, money and effort. And there is also the possibility of your worst nightmare coming true, that if your campaign becomes an absolute train wreck, it can lead to negative social media attention, which can damage the reputation of your brand, sometimes beyond repair.

So here we are today to help you understand some of the common reasons why your influencer campaign on social media can fail, so that you can try and avoid them when you venture into such a strategy.

  1. Create mutual value:

The first thing that you need to remember when you embark on influencer marketing campaign is that these influencers are doing this as a job, most of the time as a full time job. So even though when they mention your brand as a genuine recommendation to their audience, it still encompasses a part this job. So you need to get them excited about working with you and your brand, so that they have a genuine interest in your brand and this excitement will then be translated in the manner in which they portray your brand to the world. You need to make sure that they are benefitted in more ways than one, when they work with you and your brand, so that you can reap in the rewards. Because if an influencer is mentioning your brand in their posts just for the sake of it, then the audience will surely pick it up and things can only go downhill from there.

  1. Set boundaries:

If you have an influencer in mind that you think is perfect for your brand, but you settle for someone else, it can be that, that individual doesn’t really reflect your brand and what it stands for. So you need to find the ideal individual to get on board, and this person is more likely to do so if you make the project at hand as easy as possible for them. So don’t go about having an exceptional amount of work for them to do, because then the most likely answer from their end is a ‘’no’’. And it can also end up being a reason why they give up on the project half way through it.

  1. Give it time:

Since this type of campaign is a collaborative effort, you need to allow the other person to come on board, grasp an understanding of your brand, and eventually come up with a plan on how they fit into the picture. So that they can have their personal touch to the content that is being generated in relation to your brand. And all of this is definitely going to take time. So don’t try to rush things or force the issue. You can’t have complete control over what they do, because at the end of the day it all comes down to their creativity and how they want to portray your brand.

  1. Set goals:

You first need to understand why you want to start an influencer campaign in the first place. When you have come up with the reasons, it makes it all the more easy to find the right influencer who can achieve your goals. Because if you don’t have your goals set straight, then you just might end up hiring an influencer who does not deliver the message you want to and it just ends up being a waste of resources. Because most often than not, the ideal influencer for your brand is already someone you know, a faithful customer who has great brand affinity, and you don’t want to miss out on such opportunities.

  1. Always have a backup plan:

Just because you think that someone is ideal to portray your brand to the world, don’t assume that he/she is the only one you have to target. Don’t only make plans to include them in your strategy. Because things can go wrong in many unexpected ways and you always have to have other individuals lined up, who can jump in and save the day, in case things start to go wrong with your number one choice.

At the end of the day, the message is pretty simple, set your goals, pick the right influencer and build a good relationship with them. So that your collaboration only goes one step higher each time and not the other way around. So you just can’t pick anyone at random and expect them to get the job done. It requires some research and effort from your end too. Once this preliminary phase has been sorted out, then you can be rest assured that it will be smooth sailing from there.