September 12th, 2017. The day everyone waited with bated breath for the new iPhone and the 10th anniversary of the iconic headset. 1 day, 3 new phones and a new colour. Here’s what you should know:

Apple Campus

The new iPhone line up made their debut at the new Apple Park Space Campus which was the brainchild of the late Apple co-founder; Steve Jobs, who died in 2011. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook started the event with a tribute to the co-founder, “It was only fitting that Steve should open his theater. There’s not a day we don’t think of him, memories have come rushing back as we prepared for today. It’s taken time, but we can now reflect with joy instead of sadness. We dedicate this theater because we loved him and he loved days like this. We are here today to talk about some incredible products.”

*Image courtesy of The Verge

The Apple Campus is home to Apple’s 13,000 employees with 360-degree curved glass fronted walls and a central courtyard as well as a 1000 seater auditorium, a gym and 300,000 square feet of ‘research’ space. The campus also has underground parking with 80% of the site covered in trees.

Apple Watch Series 3

The new watch series i.e. Apple Watch 3 comes equipped with cellular capabilities which means you can insert your SIM card and the display becomes the antenna and you can directly make calls from your watch without the need for an iPhone in the near vicinity. What’s the price? About $399 (61086.90 Sri Lankan Rupees). Fun fact: The Apple Watch is now the number one watch in the world, overtaking Rolex which is in 2nd place and Fossil in 3rd place. There is also the added ability to stream Apple Music from your watch using Apple’s Air Pods. Perfect for your next workout!

*Image courtesy of Lance Ulanoff

*Image courtesy of Carlo Schiesaro on Twitter

Apple TV

Apple TV was also upgraded to watch content in 4K and HDR capability. What’s the difference? 4K increases the number of pixels and HDR improves the quality of pixels.

3 New iPhones:

Apple announced an iPhone8, iPhone 8 Plus and a premium iPhone X model. The 8 and 8 Plus are less expensive and pretty similar to the iPhone 7 that was launched last year- initial rumors said they would be called the 7S and & 7S Plus after all.

*Image courtesy of Jonathan Morrison

The iPhone X

Tim Cook started the introduction of the new iPhone saying, ‘We’re not stopping there, we have one more thing. Ten years later, it is only fitting we are here. In this place and on this day that we will set the path of technology for the next decade.”

And now the one we’ve all been waiting for: The iPhone X, which is pronounced as ‘ten,’ not ‘ecks.’ Apple’s new high-end device is perhaps the greatest overhaul the iPhone has seen in its 10 year history. It’s basically nothing like any iPhone you have ever used.

No Blush Gold

Well, here’s a surprise: The iPhone X was rumoured to come in a ‘Blush Gold’ colour but it’s only available in Silver and Space Gray. If you need your pink variant fix, try the new Gold on the iPhone 8, which has a bit of a rosy shine to it.

Swanky New Screen

The other thing you will notice right away: Apple switched out its traditional LED with an almost edge-to-edge OLED display, which is going to give us a brighter screen, richer colours, deeper blacks and more battery life. This is also known as the ‘super retina’ display which was produced by Samsung, having over 2 million pixels which is the highest ever resolution and pixel density ever seen on an iPhone.

More Screen Real Estate

Another thing about that screen is that it spreads over most of the front of the device. That’s definitely on trend, as a lot of recent Android phones – like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Xiaomi Mi Mix, the Essential phone have featured edge-to-edge displays. The screen doesn’t cover the selfie camera, though, which leaves two little “notches’ at the top, also known as the unibrow – which we hope will get shorter with time.

A New Way To Go Home

Instead of the button, there’s a new bar at the bottom of the screen which allows you to swipe up to switch between apps. Swipe more to return to your home screen and swipe from the top of the phone to access the Control Center. Neat!

Facial Recognition

Since there’s no physical home button, we are bidding farewell to the fingerprint sensor – so, no more Touch ID. But Apple introduced a brand new feature called ‘Face ID’ which will unlock your phone by recognising your unique visage. Simply look at your iPhone and it will open up. This feature is owing to a new front facing camera called the TrueDepth camera system which includes infrared and other new technology. It works by basically projecting infrared dots out into your face which feeds information back into an AI technology to create a model of the owner’s face and checking it against the owner. Face ID will keep learning your face, every single time you check your face – even in the dark.

Wireless Charging

The iPhone X has a glass exterior rather than the matte metal finish we have enjoyed on iPhone throughout the recent years. The glass exterior is to allow a new wireless charging feature using the Qi (pronounced Chi) standard. This is also known as Airpower. You simply have to place the iPhone on a pad and it will juice up without plugging into anything directly. You can also place your Apple Watch and the case of the AirPods on the same pad as well.

*Image courtesy of Jonathan Morrison

New Front Facing Camera

The iPhone X includes a fancy new front-facing camera. It can shoot highly quality selfies in Portrait Mode which blurs out the surroundings to focus on one subject. This feature was previously introduced in the iPhone 7 models called the ‘bokeh’ effect but has been fine tuned in the new iPhone.

The back camera has been updated to take advantage of the new ‘augmented reality’ features utilizing Apple’s new development feature called the AR kit. This is similar to the AR features seen in the hit Niantic game; Pokemon Go.

Animated emojis

The coolest and the most strangest feature introduced at the event is ‘Animoji’ i.e. Animated Emojis. You can record yourself speaking a message and it will be articulated through an emoji, like the monkey or fox emoji which you can then send your friends. This is very similar to Snapchat filters but with 3D rendition.

What’s the most important update of all?

The starting price of the new iPhone X is a whopping $999 dollars (152946.90 Sri Lankan Rupees) for the 64GB device. It will be releasing on November 3rd. You can downgrade to the not so fancy iPhone 8 lineup but it won’t be as fancy as the iPhone X.

Now that you know all the features and the prices, are you going to buy one? Only time and inflation will tell.

*Video courtesy of Apple