Social media. It’s the buzzword in every business plan and the arsenal in marketing strategies. But what significance does it have towards digital marketing? Let’s find out.

Social media is the lifeline of digital marketing and the core ingredient to make business much sweeter to advertise and market your brand around the world or your desired demographic.

Merriam Webster defines social media as ‘Forms of electronic communication (as web sites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (as videos).’

When you combine social media and marketing, you get social media marketing which comprises of content and paid media. In traditional marketing, customer is king but in social media marketing, content is king. If you fail to attract and retain your customer via quality content, your online business would fail over time. Although, social media networking is free, social media marketing requires paid media to help attract the desired target market for your brand, product or service. If you wish to see quick results, Facebook marketing is the way to go.

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In fact, 79% of the world’s Internet users are on Facebook and marketing on it gives you access to another social network i.e. Instagram which is very popular with the millennial generation.


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Apart from Facebook and Instagram, you can also focus your digital marketing efforts towards LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter.

Social media marketing only works effectively with certain industries such as FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), B2C Retail, Entertainment, Human Resources or Recruiting and Technology (not just enterprise but mobile too).

Industry Based Social Media Marketing:

FMCG (Suggested Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)

Brands from Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Mars, PepsiCo and Nestle have been marketing via social media from a decade ago. Their investment is paying off. Unilever over the past 10 years have quadrupled their paid media spend for digital media. Procter and Gamble which markets Tide detergent powder ditched their TV ads for the Super Bowl and chose Twitter as a marketing medium instead.

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One of the most prominent display advertising campaigns that Unilever banked on years ago and became a cult hit was Dove’s Real Beauty campaign. With a global reach and branding not just in USA but in countries such as India and Brazil, Dove USA’s viral YouTube video ‘You’re more beautiful than you think’ has generated 67 million views to date. Watch it below:

B2C Retail (Suggested Networks: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google My Business YouTube)

Facebook and Instagram have simplified social media marketing B2C Retail brand with its added features for SMEs (small medium enterprises) and for retail chains. You can shop directly from Facebook and tag products with price tags on Instagram. Howzzat? In fact, YouTube famous for its plethora of beauty and fashion video have now added features where you can shop directly from the runway or from a model’s visage such as her lipstick, choice of blush or eyeshadow.

Retail industry has been dramatically shaken up by online marketing over the past decade. So much so, that retails chains, malls and brick and mortar stores are closing across countries to focus more on having a more robust and attractive e-commerce platform which serve to deliver goods on the same day itself. Amazon, eBay and AliBaba are great examples of e-commerce platforms that have a cohesive digital marketing, display advertising strategy to complement its business.

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Entertainment (Suggested Networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube)

The entertainment industry has grown in leaps and bounds with social media marketing to the point where, Netflix now offers watching the latest movie in theaters with its movie pass option on its Netflix app. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter now offer live video streams alongside movie premieres and the telecast of TV episodes.

Marketing to the next generation by the entertainment industry has been made simpler via display advertising. Targeted display ads now offer options where industry marketing professionals could target via relevant content, age, state, country and language.

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There are multiple possibilities with social media marketing and the digital playground keeps expanding with multiple features. If you find it confusing or too complicated or would like to get your brand online, give us a call on +94 11 4 388170 for your social media marketing requirement or check out our complete portfolio in our website i.e.