When you are thinking about the future of your business, you always want to opt for the best. It doesn’t matter which aspect of the business it is, you always want to choose that particular thing which will bring you success. And it is not any different when it comes to business applications. You want to be able to utilise the best business application for your enterprise, and you want to create an application for your business on the most ideal platform. With the great year of innovation and growth that we have had, today we are looking into the features that should be present on the best platform for the next generation of business apps. Even though the first batch of these applications have already been created and the future is already here, it’s just that most of us are not aware of what’s available, and it just has not been evenly distributed. But with time whatever is there in the market will be filtered out, and the best of them will eventually cross the chasm to reach a great number of users.

Because, in the modern times of the current day when it comes to a business, every second counts because, today’s tech savvy users expect whatever application that they interact with to always work and to give them the information that they are looking for instantly and on demand. They are expecting everything to be available on their fingertips. And there are many enterprises which have had considerable revenue generated from E-Commerce and online applications because it is not only a successful and easier approach to customer relations, it is also immensely cost-saving when customers tend to access services online rather than trying to contact a business and obtain information through call centres, which can be expensive. So, when we have reached that age where we have all that we want easily available with just one click away, why do we still consider there to be so much of room for improvement with regard to application performance?

The Internet of Things (IoT):

The internet of things is a new wave that is creating a buzz in the modern world. If you are wondering what it means, it is the connectivity and network that is brought about by embedding computing devices in everyday physical objects which enables them to send and receive data bringing about mobility and universal connectivity. Every little thing that you own will have a powerful yet miniature computer fixed into it which will ensure that these objects always remain on and always remain connected. This applies to a vast number of everyday objects in various fields including home and you, transportation, manufacturing and healthcare. This approach will help integrate the physical world together with Computer Based Systems which will result in better efficiency, great economic benefits and reduced human errors. And integrating such a system into business applications will ensure that these applications are taken to a whole new level.

Artificial intelligence:

When the internet of things has come into play and is being used world over, the volume, variety and the velocity in which data is being generated far exceeds the amount that can be processed by humans. Therefore there is a need to explore artificial intelligence in order to help us process all of the information that is being generated. For a very simple yet broad explanation of what artificial intelligence is, it can be described as the most powerful machine which can help predict the future based on unimaginably large volumes of historical data. It’s what most people like to call machine intelligence. Where we have given machines the ability to react and work like humans. The concept of Artificial Intelligence can be applied in to numerous areas of human activity and one of this includes the architecture of future business applications which if done properly will lead to great success.

Augmented and virtual reality:

Is the process of immersing oneself into a completely digital world where the physical objects of your surrounding environment in day to day life is recognised and mapped into digital entities in the computer memory. As a result of which you perceive yourself to be in that environment that is generated by the computer giving you a real world experience across multiple sensory modalities including auditory, visual, olfactory, somatosensory and haptic. If a machine has the ability to sense the environment, the information that is derived from that machine can be manipulated according to the new environment, and therefore bring about continuously changing and improving end results to the users. And if the same concept can be applied to business applications then there is no way that an enterprise can fail to deliver customised customer demands.

Crypto currency:

It is the currency of the digital world, or you can also call it virtual currency, which is used to work as a medium of exchange in the digital world. The operation of cryptocurrency works independent of a central bank and therefore this organic nature of crypto currency plays to the advantage of many. Encryption techniques are used in this generation of units of currency and also the transfer of funds. The use of cryptocurrency in business applications will give these apps the necessary push that is needed in the future in order to keep up with the trends of the new era.

These are the major trends that are going to play a huge role in the future of application development. And it is integration of these trends into one platform which is going to provide developers with the best platform for the next generation of Business Applications. We have to make sure that we are keeping up with the rate of change, complexity and fragmentation because it is not as easy as it sounds for the development of such applications integrating all of the concepts mentioned above. Therefore with the enormous amount of innovation happening in every corner of the world, at any given second of the day. we have to learn to keep up because there is a great degree of fragmentation with every passing second. So we have to put the pieces together and form the best platform which can hide this complexity, democratize development and solve the problem of fragmentation in the next generation of business applications. If and when such a platform comes into existence that will be the one which will receive the mantle of the best platform for business applications. And although it is not yet available, the time that it will come into existence is not very far away.