In a world of changing business environments, adapting to future-proof practices and methodologies are clearly visible. Innovation in mobile application, software and peripheral are pushing engineers to a more competitive and challenging environment. 

The use of cross-browser testing has enabled developers to seamlessly address the functionality and compatibility of web applications in various web browsers irrespective of the devices they use. Most of us today use mobile phones and computers more frequently than ever, in order to ensure these applications run smoothly, cross-border testing becomes a crucial tool.

For instance, there are a variety of web browsers available in the market, to name a few chrome, edge, Firefox, etc., and end-users use different browsers to visit a web application according to their convenience. Hence, it is necessary that the web application or website works on all the browsers effectively.

What is LambdaTest?

LambdaTest was founded in November 2017 to ensure your web app elements such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, Video, etc, render seamlessly across every desktop and mobile web browser with support of manual, visual, and automated testing.

Their major aim is to provide the most powerful, comprehensive, and secure cloud test platform to empower software developers and testers to perform testing intelligently at scale.

Special features of LambdaTesting

  • The wide browser and mobile device coverage with various Environments.

As the name stands “Cross Browser Testing”, LambdaTest provides the ability to test the website or web app across a plethora of various desktop and mobile devices. All of the latest operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android OS can be tested with single testing.

LambdaTest provides the highest range of browsers among all the tools available in the tech world. It offers a platform to perform cross-browser testing on more than 2000 browsers with diverse screen resolutions. And the best part is that LambdaTest keeps updating the browser versions as any new browser version introduces in the market.

  • Ease of use, clean UI and navigation

User experience (UX) is one of the primary things that attract visitors and make them visit the website more often. Ease of use, clean user interface, and seamless navigation are the most important things to consider before selecting the testing tool. LambdaTest has a very clean user interface that a user can easily navigate to various features and run testing on LambdaTest web app. LambdaTest app is intuitive to use and run your test suits. All what you have to do is just enter the URL to be tested and select the configuration to test on and you are all set to go for your testing.

  • Seamless Collaboration And Testing

A testing tool should be integrated with its existing project management and bug tracking tools in the testing flow. LambdaTest provides integration with major and most used project management and bug tracking tools like Trello, Jira, Asana, Slack, Bugherd, Mantis, Bitbucket, GitHub etc giving users the capability to log bugs in their platform of choice directly from LambaTest suite itself.

  • Testing Locally Hosted Pages

Before the website or Web App goes live for the public, it is mandatory to test it on the development environment or in the local server. It needs to be assured that the functionality of the product or website is accurate and working well in the stage environment as it is expected.  LamdaTest provides a feature known as Lambda Tunnel in which LambdaTest platform and local server can be connected with each other and run the testing. With this, you can ensure browser compatibility of your website or web app even before launching on live servers.

  • Visual UI feature

In addition to real-time and automation testing features, LambdaTest has the ability for Visual UI testings such as screenshot testing, responsive testing, and Smart UI testing.

Screenshot testing

Website layout can be tested by generating 25 screenshots at a time across various browser-OS combinations and check if the screenshots are as expected.

Responsive testing 

Responsiveness of the Website or web app across plethora of devices with different viewports and screen sizes can be checked with this testing.

Smart UI testing

With the Smart UI testing feature, you can test your web layout iterations for visual deviations.

  • Chrome Extension

Screenshot testing feature extension is available for chrome browser for quick cross-browser testing. This chrome extension is very convenient for software developers and testers to generate full-page screenshots in a single click. These screenshots will help in fast racking testing life cycle of the web pages and websites which ultimately reduces the time spent on testing.

  • WordPress Plugin

As per recent studies, more than 35% of the websites (around 64 million individual sites) across the globe are powered by WordPress. These websites need to be tested for browser compatibility issues. For a hassle-free testing, LambdaTest provides one usability WordPress plugin for the Screenshot testing feature. WordPress pages and posts can be tested by generating screenshots across various browser-OS combinations from the WordPress panel. You can also check out all the test logs in the LambdaTest WordPress feature bar.

  • 24×7 Support with Chat, Email, and Voice call

The tech experts of the LambdaTest team are available 24/7 for providing unbeatable customer care support for its users. In case if the developing team or the testing team faces any issues or requires step-by-step instruction to complete a task, they provide a helping hand any day, any time. The customer support team can be reached by filling up a contact form, sending a message on the chat option, or through a voice call.

Top companies that use LambdaTest

Amazon, Accenture, Walmart, Brother, Microsoft, Decathlon, GoDaddy, Deloitte, and the majority of the world’s top companies used LambdaTesting due to its incredible benefits and its exceptional features.


To maintain consistency and flexibility across multiple platforms, it’s mandatory for every website or web app to run cross-browser testing to check the responsiveness of the site. But the concern is whether to go for an automated test or a manual test. Since manual testing is time-consuming, automated cross-browser testing should be conducted for efficient testing, and LambdaTest proved to be the best tool with real-time cross-browser testing.