Working on the go has become a mantra of our daily lives. If we can’t work on the go, it’s almost like we have lost close to half a day’s worth of work. Because with the heavy traffic and long hours that people take to travel in the current times, we spend a lot of time on the go and if we can’t make use of this time in a fruitful manner, for most of us it only increases the burden that we have to worry about getting done in the rest of the time we have in that day.

And it’s only natural that with such a busy lifestyle you are always working with multiple devices. Most probably a laptop and a smartphone. Because as technologically smart as we have become today, most of us still require a regular laptop or PC to some of our work done. And we split our screen time between these two devices on regular basis, because some things we have on our phone, we don’t have on our laptops and vice versa. So we tend to glance at one and then the other and so forth. But this can be terribly cumbersome and increasingly frustrating over time, because obviously who likes turning this way and that when you are working on something, right?

So how would it be if you could just sync the two devices so that all of the data in one device will automatically be present on the other device as well without you having the need to transfer it all the time, using cables, Bluetooth or emails? You can already imagine your life becoming so much more easier I’m sure. And it definitely makes it a more efficient use of your time without a doubt. Yes, it’s possible to make your devices play nice and be synced together without much ado, and we are going to tell different ways that you can do this in.

  1. Start syncing your devices to the cloud:

Working on the go means that you will want multiple files on both your phone and laptop. So the easiest way you can do this is to save the file on a platform which can be available on both devices. So that even though you update your files on one device, it will automatically be synced with the other device and the updated version will be available for you whenever you want it. Depending on which service you want to use, whether its iCloud for Apple devices or Google Drive for Android devices, you will have to make the choice and then download the mobile version of the service for your smartphone and the desktop version of the service for your PC. If you want you can even consider third party services such as Dropbox or Microsoft One Drive. And if you can’t make up your mind which one you want to choose, then compare prices for ease of making the decision. For example with iCloud you will be getting 5GB free storage space with paid plans starting at $1 per month for 50GB of space, and with Google Drive you can start off with 15GB free storage space across all its applications including Gmail, and get 100GB paid storage space starting at $2 per month.

  1. Have your browser with you wherever you go:

Other than files, there might be other aspects of your work that you want to have with you all the time, again on both of the devices you work with. For example you might have bookmarked certain pages with regard to work, your browser history, search history, passwords and so on. So how do you make sure that all this data related to your browser on one device can be present on the other devices you work with as well? Simple all you have to do is create a user account on your browser and click on the option of sync data. All the major browsers you are accustomed to working with have this option and once you launched the application, you will see a sign popping up asking you to sign in with Firefox, Google or Microsoft. You will only have a problem to face, if you have an Apple PC and an Android phone, because the safari application is only available for IOS devices. Therefore you will have to opt for a different browser on your Apple PC if you don’t have an Apple phone.

  1. Use screen continuity:

If you are the type of person to rely solely on Apple products, which is you work with Mac computer and have an iPhone, then you can use the cool screen continuity feature that is available on apple products. It allows you to switch from desktop to mobile in tandem as long as you are signed in with the same Apple ID, connected to the same WIFI connection and your Bluetooth has been enabled. This feature has also had some additions lately such as the Universal Clipboard which allows you to copy text from one device and simply paste it on your other device, which is really convenient, all things considered.

These are some of the most commonly and popularly used device syncing methods. But you have a whole load of third party applications which will allow you to do the same, but each of them may have certain limitations which will allow you to sync only certain information and data with both of your devices. But hey, any little help in the way of making your life and work on the go easier is better than nothing at all right?