Online stores are the new trend of the modern generation. They are the talk of the town and there is no denying the many success stories that businesses have come to tell as a result of simply setting up an online store. And in modern times, the world of e-commerce is becoming increasingly competitive and you need every weapon that you can use to your advantage in order to make your business a success. And of late, that weapon is turning out to be social media. More and more businesses are starting to use their social media accounts to garner that extra leverage and increase their sales to be more lucrative. And this is the strategy you need to adopt if you want to have a successful e-commerce website as well.

Why Facebook?

Facebook by far has become of the most effective social media channels through which many companies market their products and services to existing and potential customers. Because the number of Facebook users are only growing at an alarming rate, and therefore it is considered a smart business strategy to make use of these numbers in order to promote your business. But it’s not simply a matter of setting up a Facebook account for your business and sitting down for the magic to unfold and the customers to come pouring in. Even social media marketing has to have a plan and marketing strategy behind, in order to become a success. A lot of thought has to go into it, so that you can capture an audience for yourself and create a niche for your business on this platform.

But if done correctly, Facebook marketing can help you reach audiences across the globe and help you create a really good first impression on customers’ way before they have had a look at your website. So today we are going to be talking about a few tips and trick that you can use in order to use the Facebook platform and gain an edge for your e-commerce website.

Personalize your account/page:

Even though it’s a business page, you have to understand that you not in it to make a formal appearance. The whole purpose of creating a Facebook account for your business is to socialize. Which means that your page has to have a personal touch to it and be extremely engaging to your audience. So the content in your page, must be personable giving your audience something that they can relate to. Don’t use language that it too formal or corporate. Instead try to keep it casually conversational depending on what your brand message is. Use your page to present a story and a face to your audience and not just products, services and price lists, which will bore them no end. People have to be able to connect with your brand and what you have on offer, and this is the way to do it.

Post content regularly:

The frequency with which you post, is also as equally important as the type of content that you post. Because the increasing number of Facebook users log into their accounts at least once a day. This means that you have to keep on generating new content on a regular basis. Therefore it is recommended that you post content on your business account at least once a day to keep the activity going on. But this doesn’t mean that you post unnecessarily with content that is totally unrelated. You have to make sure you always share content that is relevant to your brand and something new as well.

Have a defined audience:

One of the advantages of using Facebook as an advertising platform is that you get to define the audience that you want to target/ therefore you can target specific age groups, people living in particular locations, the interests that people have and also the connections with other bands. Therefore you will be able to have a clear idea as to what your target group is and how you should approach them. But if you are starting off, remember that it’s always better to have a narrow range in audience and then try and gradually broaden it in order to achieve better results.

Know your business goal:

Every business has a story behind it, and thus a goal behind why it was created and established in the first place. And that’s what you have to cash in on. Because the goals of every business is different, and when you have a clear idea as to what your business goal is, only then can you measure how successful you have been in achieving them. Because otherwise you wouldn’t really know what to look for, when you have to define the success of your social media marketing campaign. So first understand whether you want more page likes, more followers, more engagement, more website clicks, or simply driving traffic to your store, before you kick start you social media marketing.

Set your budget and advertise:

Facebook allows you to advertise your content with its powerful Ad Manager, which makes this process so much easier when you do decide to advertise. Advertising on Facebook helps to increase engagement, start conversations with your audience and also broaden your target audience. So you have to set a budget for the advertising post and the Ad Manager will help you schedule it at the right time, to reach the right people.

All of these features, when put together and used in the appropriate manner, with the correct strategy in mind, will make Facebook a very lucrative platform on which you can build your e-commerce website.