B2B sales is the abbreviation for business-to-business sales. It refers to companies or salespeople who sell products and services directly to other businesses. This is the opposite of business-to-consumer (B2C) sales, where products and services are sold directly to the consumer. B2B is more complex when compared to B2C.

The new generation of B2B buyers demands self-service options as they interact directly with wholesalers and make their purchasing decisions.  As a result, you need a well-built mobile commerce platform that handles both the needs of your suppliers and your customers. Therefore we have developed a B2B ordering app and this is built from the ground up for the complex needs of B2B wholesale distributors.

The benefits of using mobile apps are indisputable. How does it feel for your business to get into everyone’s pocket and do a transaction in fraction of second at your fingertips? So breeze, isn’t it? The number of smartphone users worldwide today is around 3.5 billion and it covers up to 44.81% of the world’s total population. Literally half of the world is holding a smart phone in their hand right now.

The B2C mobile apps were widely used and everyone has got benefit from it. How about a B2B mobile app? Forget about the old school method to get your purchase orders done, invoices, goods received notes and other bulky documents. Focus more on giving your customers the chance to order more and order fast.

This application helps retailers and suppliers to streamline B2B orders. The order would be placed by the retailer and accepted by the supplier. This also manage multiple types of clients, multiple product groups and price groups, product catalogues and accept payments through the app. You can eliminate your sales calls, WhatsApp messages, printed price lists and complete a transaction in a cinch. Now let’s read more about the benefits of this App.

  • Ability to integrate with an ERP solution for real time inventory updates. The Enterprise Resource Planning allows you to update inventory movements as at that time. You don’t have to wait until someone manually updates the system
  • You don’t have to manually enter Purchase Orders and other documents. Thereby it saves time & cost
  • Customers can get updates on delivery status through the app. We can easily track the order and keep an eye on the product as when it was dispatched and when it was delivered
  • Easily reorder the same products with just one click
  • User friendly mobile app with great User Experience Interface. Non-tech savvy customers can easily navigate through the app and order because it’s easy to use
  • Add customers in different tiers with multiple service benefits such as customized credit period, product prices, etc
    • Example: You can divide your customers into groups such as standard customers and premier customers
  • Inform your customers about a promotion happening by one tap. You can type a detailed message about the promotion and send it to all your customers at once
  • Product is delivered to customers’ doorstep
  • Ability to obtain credit facilities for the buyers or retailers
  • Ability to customize the app according to your business, brand guidelines etc
  • This would help you to reduce the number of sales agents and reduce the cost to maintain sales agents. Example: fuel, transportation, accommodation of sales agents
  • Contact less delivery. Especially in the times of pandemic, it’s advisable to opt for contactless sales to reduce the spread of the disease
Main product features
  • View product catalogue and purchase according to your choice
    • Select your preferred product from the menu and add it to your card. (Exactly the way we use existing B2C Apps). Complete the transaction and receive the goods to your hands within few days.
  • Ability to view previous order details. Go to the history and see what you purchased, what is the quantity and the date of purchase
  • Repeat an existing/past order from a single tap
    • If you wish you to repeat the same order again, all you have to do is just click your previous order
  • Ability to pay in both online (visa/master card payments, PayPal) and offline methods (Bank transfers)
  • Send important messages regarding promotions and offers
  • Choosing between multiple delivery methods such as Standard or Express delivery
  • Ability to generate reports based on the stats.
    • Example: What is the best-selling product? Who is the best-selling agent?

The new generation buyers demand self-service options to buy and sell. Therefore let’s put the power in our palms and get our B2B orders done.