For businesses of the modern times, anywhere in the world, catering to the changing trends is of utmost importance. And in the current day, this trend for businesses is all about making life easier both for themselves and for the customer. It’s about bringing in the changes and to continue to evolve. And we have witnessed this evolution in many ways, but the most significant change has come in the way of using technology to improve your business. This has been by far the biggest change that businesses world over have adapted to.

Be it adapting to the use of computers and CCTV cameras, or the use of cashless transactions as payment methods, or the implementation of online shopping. All of these changes have come in leaps and bounds, and even as we speak, there is something new that someone is trying out there. But even though all of these changes have come with positive results and outcomes, it’s not all good news. Along with these changes have come certain risks as well. Certain threats to the way we operate, and malware is one of the biggest threats for all those businesses who have adapted to the use of technology for the functioning of their business.

What is malware?

Even though most have adapted to computers and other technologically advanced equipment to be a norm in our day to day lives, we still don’t clearly understand some of the more technically complex terms and aspects of this. And malware is one such thing.

Putting it simply, malware is any kind of malicious program or software that poses a threat to a computer network. These programs which are developed by cyber criminals, have the intention of causing damage to a particular network and disrupt its proper functioning or give these cyber criminals access to a certain network. So that they have unauthorized control over someone else’s computer or smart device.

Although Malware has been around for ages and no one is really sure when it actually came into existence, with time, just like everything else in the world, it has undergone many modifications and refinements to grow in frequency and sophistication. And today, you will find there are a number of mind boggling malware, which can really cause extensive damage to your business if implemented in the right way. Therefore it’s important that we are aware of what’s exactly out there in order to stay protected.

Common types of malware:

  • Viruses:

Most of us are aware that viruses which can disrupt the functioning of our computers and smart devices exist. Because they are one of the earliest types of malware to be created, and so called because they are files which can be executed to self-replicate and infest and modify a program.

  • Spyware:

So called because it basically does the job of a spy within a system. Is a type of malware which can install itself in a particular system in order to covertly steal and track data from the system.

  • Worms:

Are a type of malware which are similar to viruses, because they can also self-replicate within a network, but in addition to this, they also have the capability of spreading to and infesting other devices as well. Making them one of the most feared malware in existence.

  • Ransom ware:

Is a malicious program, which invades a network and takes complete control of the device/s and network and basically holds it hostage, so that no one else can access it or make any changes to it, until a ransom is paid by the owners of the network. And this ransom usually comes in the form of crypto currency, which is basically virtual or digital currency which is designed to be a medium of exchange and is unregulated by banks.

How it affects your business:

As you have now understood, malware comes in various shapes and sizes, and these different forms can have varying impacts. And this is the reason that malware is now no longer considered just a nuisance that people tend to ignore. People are actually paying close attention to it because it can have massive repercussions on a business.

Malware can affect business in many way, from affecting your daily operations, to stealing confidential information, to causing massive reputational damage to your company. They can do this in different ways, including:

  • Taking control of your computer/s and all of the programs running in it.
  • Causing loss of valuable data which is not backed up in your system, by altering and deleting files from the system.
  • Stealing confidential and sensitive information regarding your business.
  • Sending malicious files on your behalf.

With so many advances in the types and variants of malware and their function, even the delivery of these programs into your system have become so much more refined and subtle, that if not looked at closely it will go unnoticed. And this is the reason we need to pay more attention to the remediation and prevention of malware infections, as businesses and consumers.