Washapp is a first of its kind online service in Sri Lanka that facilitates a pick and drop laundry service to and from a location of the customer’s choosing.

At the initial stages, when the infrastructure of Washapp was being formed, we were approached by the prospective client and asked to submit a proposal for a total digital solution for the Washapp concept. Fast-forward to a couple of weeks later after numerous brainstorming sessions and lots of research, we proposed a solution to the client that started off with creating a unique identity to a first of its kind solution in Sri Lanka. Detailed proposals were also submitted for multiple yet interconnected systems that will function on mobile and web targeting customers and another back-end system for the staff at Washapp that handles features such as payment collection, reports, scheduling and allocation of resources for drop and pick autonomously.


The foundation for any good business, online or offline, is to have a unique and distinguishable brand identity. Washapp required something memorable; an identity that will leave a lasting impression in the minds of the intended audience. Since we understood the importance of a good brand identity and how it can either make or break a business, we spent many sleepless nights coming up with a meaningful yet simple logo that portrayed the essence of the business. Long story short, the client loved it and had even more confidence in our ability to deliver quality service. Below is the final logo that we designed for Washapp which is fast becoming one of the better known online services in Colombo.

Brand Guidelines & Branding Material

Once we got the brand identity out of the way, we concentrated on brand guidelines before we could proceed further with the design of the website and mobile applications. Once the brand guidelines were finalized and agreed upon, the client requested some initial marketing material to work on a pre-launch campaign of the innovative personalized on-demand laundry service.



The bespoke website we designed and developed for Washapp comes with a custom content management system that was developed from scratch using PHP. This CMS features a powerful backend that allows customizing of most if not all the front-end elements. In addition to being able manipulate the entire front-end, the backend is also rich in features such as customized modules to handle the SEO aspect, event tracking and member management. Design played a very crucial role in the website as each element focuses on conversions and to provide the customer with the best possible user experience. The website also accepts multiple payment options such as cash on delivery and card payments along with features to add multiple laundry types, check prices per item and assign pick-up/delivery times and locations. Based on the number of smartphone users in Sri Lanka we also catered to mobile browser compatibility by developing the website in a mobile responsive manner.

Visit the website here.


Mobile Apps

Washapp being an online based business wanted to capitalize on the growing number of users with smartphones and the requirement for mobile applications arose. As we understood during our research, more than 50% of users accessed websites via their mobile phone nowadays. With these statistics in hand, we also started work on two mobile applications to cater to iOS and Android smartphone users. After carrying out an extensive R&D we arrived at two applications that gave the highest priority to the 3 aspects that in our opinion makes a great mobile app: design, user experience and functionality.

Download the app for iPhones here.

Download the app for Android devices here.


Administrative Web Back-end

Once the planning had been done for the user applications across the multiple platforms, we started work on our biggest challenge yet. There had to be a backend system that would link all our user applications and utilize the data from it in as much an autonomous manner as possible to handle administrative tasks such as order processing, scheduling and logistics. This system had to handle simultaneous orders originating via mobile apps and the website in addition to fleet tracking which coordinates with Washapp drivers’ locations to have an effective geo based time slot management system which enables the fastest and most efficient pickup/drop. Furthermore, modules that handled solutions for the warehouse and washing plant were also developed and integrated into an all powerful backend.

Photography, Videography & Video Production

Being a full-service digital agency and being equipped with photographers and videographers in-house gives us a certain edge over other companies when it comes to digital solutions. Since we know how we want the website and mobile apps to look and feel we knew the exact kind of material we required. Furthermore, since we were responsible for creating video adverts for Washapp, we knew the kind of material to be shot and edited.


Infographic Videos

During one of the countless brainstorming sessions and market studies we realized that Washapp being a first-of-its-kind service was unfamiliar to the public. We decided to overcome this barrier by educating the public by means of an infographic video with kinetic typography to highlight the main features of Washapp. You can see it below: