The number of mobile sites is increasing and there is a reason why! No business can have a decent footing without a strong online presence. This is why it is important to signify the significance of online websites and more importantly, a mobile friendly website.
People want services and information and they want it fast and quick. With the advancement of technology, it has become easy to access services and information through mobiles. Companies that haven’t adapted to mobiles may be missing out on an immense opportunity to attract their customers. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to be able to cater to the customers over mobiles.
Mobiles are a personal form of communication and also a very powerful one. Therefore, it is important that web owners have a mobile friendly site.
There are many reasons why you should have a mobile friendly site. These include:

1/3rd Online Traffic Comes From Mobile

According to a famous analysis by Walker Sands Communications, 31.3 percent of the online traffic comes from mobiles. Therefore, this means that businesses can benefit greatly from the traffic that comes through the web. The study further reveals that the mobile traffic will increase more in the coming years. Thus, it is safe to conclude that you should have a mobile friendly site because a huge chunk of the traffic on the web comes from mobiles.
The whole idea behind this is that if you do not have a mobile site, you are definitely missing out on a large chunk of traffic.

Enhanced User Experience

Mobile friendly websites guarantee a better and enhanced user experience. A good mobile website will enrich the experience of the user. The number of individuals who access the Internet through mobiles has increased and it is said to supersede those who used PCs to access the web. This is a clear indication that one should make a mobile friendly website because it is a sure shot way of a better and enhanced user experience. Mobile friendly sites, therefore, guarantee an enhanced user experience.

You Might Get Penalized, Too

Yes, Google might penalize you if you do not have a good mobile friendly website. Google recognizes that you do not need a computer to browse the internet. A lot of websites use content images and navigation structures that don’t work that well on mobile devices. Users can only see these on websites that use a proper smartphone browser that guarantee a good user experience.

A mobile friendly website matters a lot to Google. Google’s goal is to increase search traffic including mobile search traffic and this can be used to benefit for jumping on board. Your organic searches are bound to increase if you are using a mobile friendly website and so on and so forth. Therefore, it is important that you get a proper mobile friendly site to get avoided from being penalized by Google.

It’s Easy To Use

Mobile friendly websites are also easy to use. It is the mobile era and mobile friendly sites can help you engage and help customers engage quickly too. Mobile friendly websites are useful for customers. They help you in accessing information quickly, whenever you need.

It’s SEO Friendly

Mobile websites are search engine friendly from the very beginning. They allow users to gain potential customers to find mobile sites and using mobile search tools. Businesses that do not have a healthy mobile website might lose out on business easily. Therefore, as a business, you cannot afford to deal with this. Thus, note that mobile friendly sites are SEO friendly and they are an integral part of any business campaign.

Improves Customer Relationship

You probably did not see this coming but mobile websites improve customer relationships. These days, there are smart phones, tables and other important tools that are used by customers. Customers expect to enter in relationships with the small businesses they are engaging in therefore, a mobile version of your site will improve the client relationship by making you readily available all the time. It provides useful information regarding the products and therefore, it is much easier to access.

Reduces Bounce Rate

A mobile friendly website will allow you to quickly move on to another web page and there will be a lot less bounce rate. If you switch to a mobile friendly site, it will reduce the amount of people who log off on your site, which will impact the bounce rate. A mobile friendly website will, therefore, improve lead generation and reduce the overall bounce rate.

Improved Connectivity

A mobile friendly website is always optimized for mobile devices such as iPad and other important platforms. Therefore, this provides a good opportunity to connect with particular audiences in a good way that is optimized for the users who are viewing the website.

Mobile friendly websites are readily accessible which makes them great to have. They are responsive and they can significantly improve your business’ presence on the web. A mobile friendly site guarantees improved connectivity, flexibility, and lead to better customer relationships.